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I was so busy the week of February 14th that I forgot to share what VDAY looked like over here.

My sister put her talented hands and got to work on a Valentine Day charcuterie board. My sister used cranberry cheese and preserves and dried pineapples and Parmesan n garlic crackers that were pretty good! For those that don't know how popular charcuterie boards have become. Fruit and meat trays are out and charcuterie boards are in. Check out the pict below for our heart shaped one by Paris Hilton. I also received the most beautiful rainbow of roses, and to top it off tickets to Beyoncé upcoming Renaissance Concert.

This year message for Valentines Day was about offering yourself the best gift and that's Self Love! Be good to yourself so others know to be good to you too!❤️

Just now posting about what I did for my 45th Birthday! My Birthday fell on Martin Luther King Day and so I enjoyed that extra day to celebrate and this year I was took of from work.

I started my morning of with a 45th celebration toast to me being here and raising a glass to my accomplishments of the year, and excited to know the best it yet to come.

I then got dressed for a Pre-Birthday Brunch at Azotea Cantina in Atlantic Station on the rooftop. I couldn't have asked for the weather to be any better. It was sunny and breezy and The bright cheery Chineses New Year decor was everywhere. I ordered a stack of pancakes and a hibiscus limeade.

My Birthday celebration continued on with dinner at ZAKIA a Modern Lebanese restaurant with the family.This place was giving overseas Lux! I had a custom Lebanese drink called Arak Massaya,Chicken Tawook Kebab which was spiced yogurt marinated grilled chicken grilled vegetables skewer, crispy Brussels sprouts with date molasses.and kounafe as my Birthday cake. The customer service was excellent and the ambiance was giving rich black girl.

Located across the green space was the famous The Yard Milkshake Bar and suddenly I had the urge for ice cream. They sale all types of stackable ice cream milkshakes in a jar.I had 2 scoops of Ice cream.

I ended my Birthday with a trip to Brookhaven where it was first time visiting The Look movie theater . The decor was nice and they had a huge bar layout but the dining service was poor and the bathrooms were not up to par.

Overall, I had a great birthday I intentionally did what I wanted to do and celebrated it how I wanted to celebrate it. Chapter 45 is in the making!🥳🎉🎂🎈

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Headed up 400 to the Avalon in Alpharetta,GA to do some quick shoppping and eating. Made a quick Stop at Rumi's Kitchen for dinner . Rumi's known for their Persian cuisine all over the world. No rsvp needed and I ordered chicken kabob citrus & saffron brines chicken breast,saffron basmati rice with grilled 🍍 🍅 and zucchini. The food was pretty good and the waitress did a great job explaining the side ingredients of Shirin.

At Cafe Intermezzo Avalon a European Coffeehouse known for combing food and drinks in a hurry. This was my first time at this location which was a lot smaller than midtown's but they had good peopl traffic coming in. I ordered a cup of 🍵 and a slice of lemon cake. Our waiter took a good minute to bring out the dessert . If you are looking for a good meetup spot to take a friend then definitely head on over.

Rumi's Kitchen at the Avalon

Cafe Intermezzo at Avalon

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