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2 👍🏾 Up for Chef G. Garvin Low Country Resteraunt New Southern Cuisine

Stepped out into one of the best restaurants in Atlanta. Made a call to check the dress code as I had on jeans and they said no problem it’s business attire. Parking wasn’t bad! The Recommended parking at the Element Apt in Midtown Worked out just fine. A nice portrait of the celebrity hangs at the entrance as you walk in. The ambience was very nice the colors in the resteraunt definitely matched up with a more modern style. There we’re low lit candles on the table and the artist Maxwell was blasting in the airways.

I ordered the Salmon with a side of potatoes a a house mimosa with a peach cobbler to go!

The food was definitely was giving you Southern Comfort and so good that I can’t wait to come back.

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