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A Day Out at Ponce City Marketplace

It’s Sunday and the weather was gorgeous outside ☀️which made it a perfect Day to do Brunch with my sis! I’ve been wanting to check out this beautiful little chic Resteraunt in Ponce City Marketplace called The Atrium. The Atrium has been featured on the top places to visit when you come to Atlanta. You can expect Modern American food with pretty ceiling decor and a pretty chill vibe. There was no wait and this was kinda spur of the moment so I’m glad we got seated right away and didn’t have to make reservation. I relaxed with a sparkly mimos with a mix of cranberries berries and pineapples. I ended up ordering the Georgia Trout with apple, fennel, celery root, sumac, coriander as my main dish. For dessert I had the banana foster. The food was pretty good and the plush seating made me think I was in South Miami. The manager was on point and kept checking in with us to make sure that we were having a good experience 😉We also had all African American Chefs crewe who were prepping our meal. Check out the Picts below and link.

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