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Black History Month: Celebrating the Past and Future

It was a perfect ☀️ Saturday for another Black History quest. Today I ventured off to the SouthWest Art Center in the City of South Fulton to attend The Clothes Story Exhibit. This exhibit Highlightex and celebraTed African American women and the stories behind their fashion. When I first walked in the gallery I felt like I had stepped back in time. The 1950’s to be exact! There were so many beautiful dresses from 1890 to 1963 within view with so many interesting stories that were attached. I think this exhibit was fabulous and I wish it was coming to a city near you. This exhibit allowed me to see African American women in the view that I was always aware of and surrounded by but the Media never showed. In my own family I had a great grandmother, grandmothers, mom, and aunts and cousins who always put their best face fwd and so very early on I had a love for fashion. Check out the pict below and let me know which outfit you liked the best! My second stop of the day took me to Smyrna, GA where I went to visit Not a Famous Cookie, a black-owned bakery that is a gourmet cookie shop that specializes in artisan cookies, hand crafted cookie sandwiches and more. I liked the oatmeal but could only eat half. Make sure you check them out!

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