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Christmas Day 2022 !

If I had to describe it in 3 words I would say Fun! Fun! Fun! My family started it off by opening gifts at midnight. Usually, we will open up one gift on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas Day but this year since we had plans to be out for Christmas we wanted to go ahead and open them and then go right back to sleep.

This year as I reflected about Christmas and how Christ gave and was the ultimate gift to all . I've embraced the mindset that it's better to be a giver like Christ because you receive so much more. Luke 6:38 speaks of good things happening to you when you give.

Our Christmas Breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs, hash browns,bacon and strawberry waffles.

It was just what we needed before heading off to explore the Winter Waterland at the Georgia Aquarium.

The Georgia Aquarium was packed and there was a live dolphin show in progress when we arrived so people were headed up the escalators in hopes of securing a great seat for the 🐬 show. The Winter Waterland theme was great. There was a huge live decorated Christmas tree that was in the center of building and families took advantage as it was the perfect photo opp. Make sure you click on the videos at the bottom.

I enjoyed visiting the Tropical Room and the Shark Room but I think my favorite room was the jellyfish one. I like Jellyfish because they just do their thang regardless of who's watching or not. I also like their slow rhythmic movements that captivates all who look their way.

After the aquarium we left and decided to go to Racetrack convent store and get some scratch offs for fun. I did not win but I sure did feel like Christmas 2022 was a winner!

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