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Fall Foyer Styling

It’s finally time to spruce up your entryway with some Fall decor. Nothing says welcome to my home like bright leaves and the smell of Autumn. As the season changes, so should your decor.

How to do it

The first thing is to imagine how you want your foyer to feel when you walkthrough. Do you want big comfy energy or would you like The smell of cinnamon lingering.

Next, choose weather you want to invite colors like red, yellow, and orange or if you want to stick to a more neutral tone. Decide if you want to incorporate pumpkins, garland, or a wreath.

How I did it

I started with basically a blank neutral wall in my foyer that needed to be updated. I already had a strand of fall garland 🍁 and glittery pine cones. I added a trendy lamp and this Fall leaf 🍂 candle to draw in comfort. The only new item that was purchased was my crafted console table. I hope I have inspired you to do the most during this pumpkin 🎃 season.



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