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Fearless Thursday

I had the pleasure of attending the FEARLESS fund Venture Capital Summit, hosted at The Gathering Spot Atlanta,GA. The FEARLESS Fund mission is to invest in women of color led businesses seeking pre-seed, seed level or series A financing.

Attendees will experience two days of power punched fearless conversations about real topics bridging the gap between venture and culture.

Today was VC Education Day and there was a wealth of information from all of the panelist. The panelist included Pinky Cole ,Derrick Hayes,Kenny Burns, and so many more.From topics that ranged from Staying the Course to Stories We Tell Ourselves About Money. All useful insight from all different type of industries.

Tomorrow will be WOC Demo Day! Think shark tank but in Atlanta! There’s going to be a whole lot of pitching for $1 MILLION.

There was also a Expo where you could shop at the VV Summit Marketplace and connect with vendors from all of the world.

Some takeaways were if something is giving too much of your own worth an time meaning Don’t take Dumb Money, Take Smart Money. Also, get in circles that matter and my favorite of the day is Lift as You Climb meaning level up! The highlight of the Summit was just hearing from regular people who started a business who gave out information on how to identify opportunities in partnership and how to get ventured ready! I definitely got the PUSH I needed to continue on. Stay tuned! I got great stuff on the way to share!

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