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Follow the smoke to King + Duke

Yesterday, I finally took my sister to a resteraunt that she has been wanting to go to for the longest. I’m talking about none other than King + Duke right in ❤️of Buckhead!

King+Duke is not your ordinary resteraunt in the city. As soon as you enter the doors you are greeted by the smell of smoke. The cooks know how to literally cook over the hot fire with wood.Named after characters in Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Film.

This resteraunt is known for their 24ft open grill dead smack in the middle of the resteraunt. Serving dishes over the wood like lamb sirloin,rabbit legs,and duck shank.

I started off with a signature cocktail called the Cinderella’s Slipper which had vodka,pumpkin,lemon,fino,Prosecco,Bar My main dish was a Steak,brown butter,sherry,garlic remember everything is cooked over the wood and all about big flavors. I ordered dessert and I had a brownie Sunday ,malt ice cream,fudge,salted Carmel,waffle cone. Overall the service was excellent and the chief and server catered to us. Can’t wait to go back!

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