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Happy Halloweenin 🎃

OMG,I thought it was just me waiting for a holiday to celebrate but I slowly learned that others are jumping into the Halloween fun too by throwing Halloween Pick up and Go Parties, Halloween Scavenger Hunts, and family costume dance offs.

My work hosted a Halloween Virtual Happy Hour. Several co workers dressed up and we got a chance to connect with others from oversees and in different geographic regions. We played trivia games and had specialty drinks. Check me out as your Mad Scientist!

I think I’m just thankful! Last year around this time I think I was in some state I really can’t remember that’s how much traveling I was doing. So this year I’m just glad to be home and not in a plane or a hotel. Although I don’t have any little kids underneath my roof. My neighborhood is full of kids & teenagers so I decided to put out a candy display. They can have all this candy! I hope I didn’t go overboard. Let me know how you are having fun by yourself or celebrating Halloween with the kiddos.

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