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Happy Joyous Saturday

So my Saturday started off with good intentions of going to my favorite nail shop to get my sister and myself a mani and pedicure.

So we pulled up to the location and was quickly put on a wait list that look like the llist wasn’t going anywhere. So we jetted off to The Grand Lux at Phipps Plaza for lunch. I knew we were in for a treat because the last time we had it we were in Dallas,TX and I remember that the post roast was yummy, like somebody knew what they were doing in the kitchen. Even though we were first to arrived the food came out quick and the atmosphere was definitely giving Buckhead Lifestyle of The Young and Rich! I ordered a Coconut Limeade which was A Tropical Blend of Pineapple, Coconut and Fresh Lime. Scrambled Eggs, French Toast topped with Strawberries, and Ham. All I got to say is they give you more than enough to eat and takehome. The next time I go I plan on eating near the patio area with a great view of Peachtree! After brunch we decided to take in a movie so we headed on over to AMC to watch The Batman! It was a long movie where Batman is constantly doing what he does best to deter crime in Gotham City.

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