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Hats off to the Weekend ๐ŸŒž

This weekend I got a chance to go to the movies and check out Morbius. At first I was a little worried because the last movie I saw I fell asleep because it took so long to get to the action part. This was different because it had plenty of action and the Actor Tyrese was in it so it kept my attention. Check out the trailer at this link

I also decided to check out The Peach Cobbler Cafe in Buckhead Atlanta, GA for their Soul Food I kept hearing on the radio. I ordered the Grilled Catfish, black eyed peas, and candied yams. I also got banana pudding for dessert. To my surprise it was pretty good and the customer service was pretty descent. It was busy as there were many to go orders that were being picked up. Next time Iโ€™m going to stop by the new location in Fayetteville,GA and try the Turkey Chop. Check them out

I spent my Sunday finally tackling a painting assignment that my aunt had sent me. It was so relaxing to sit down and focus on the strokes of a paintbrush and selecting colors for my masterpiece. This paintings message was entitles History in the Making which reminded me of Black History and there still trails to be blazed.

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