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Hello 2021! 🥂🍾

As 2020 winds down, I can truly say that this year was all about how God put a ram in the bush for me and my family during the good, bad, and the ugly. The Pandemic hit, challenging weather came, and a crazy election all wrapped up in 2020 but we survived it all without a wrinkle removed from our head or a blemish. You see my ram in the bush moment was when I accepted a position working with COVID-19. At first I didn’t know that. It wasn’t until after the 3rd day during my orientation that I understood that the ram that was sent was to help me in more ways than one. My son also received a ram in the bush by working with COVID-19 and as a result he was able to have a head start ahead of his peers.

In 2020 I was declared as an Essential Worker that traveled from north to south and east and west. I got the chance to visit Columbus,OH,

GlenMills,PA- great Italian food 👍🏾


El Paso, TX - great Mexican food and 🍹

Birmingham,AL- has fancy biscuits

Tacoma,WA,Seattle,WA- great outdoor 🛶🏔🧗

Ft.Worth,TX- great 🥧

LittleRock,AR- great 🍽

Houston,TX-Turkey Leg Hut 🦃🌴

Baltimore,MD- 🛳⚓️

Washington,D.C.,Long Island, Brooklyn,NY,Jamaica,NY,Queens,NY,

StoneyBrooke,NY Coney Island,NJ

I’m also so thankful for meeting new friends and friendly faces from all over on my deployments. Shout out to The Ohio State Family! I learned that we have more in common than what we think even though I ❤️ me some SEC & SWAC!

As 2021 arises there are no glass ceilings Rooftop Shunda will be giving you more high end adventure,vlogs,tours,and travels abroad. January’s Calendar 📆 kicks off in California 🌞 and is filled with ideas for the Solo COVID traveler along with Self Care 🧖🏾‍♀️ visits and my 43 🎂🎉 I have so much to share with yall hold on the New Year is on the way! I can’t tell it all!

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