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How I decorated a Blank Wall

Happy Sunday!🌞

We all have that bare wall that we haven’t done anything to yet. Maybe it’s we just don’t no where to start or have no idea what we want to put up. Trust me I know!

You see I have my own blank wall that kept staring back at me like it needed something on it. At first I thought maybe I could hang a cute mirror and turn the space into my vanity area but then I thought I wanted to do more and put some of my jewelry on display.

So the search was on today to complete this wall space. I had it in my mind that this corner wall needed shelving and I don’t mean just any kind of shelves I meant something when I walked into the room and looked at the wall it would catch my eye.

While I was out on today I found this cute collection of circle shelves and spent no more than $35 on them. These shelves would have easily been $100 at West Elm or Horchow.

Check out how I ended up decorating my blank wall below and let me know your thoughts.

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