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How to host your own Indoor Garden Party🌹💐🌺⛲️

On yesterday, I finally got the chance to switch out my tabletop and try my hand at decorating a Indoor Garden Themed Party. Please check out my tips below on how to get started.

Theme: How do you want your garden to look?Do want a Whimsical or can you hear birds chirping.Next, consider the style of your home, the climate, and any personal interests. If your home is a Victorian mansion, for example, a tropical or Japanese style garden may look out of place. My home is a modern home and I wanted my guest to feel like they were sitting in a Mediterranean Indoor Rose garden.

Color: Choose colors that you would see in the garden. Often when you will see very bright and light colors. I chose yellow,lavender, and orange.

Candles: Will help you set the mood. I used tea lights because I wanted my setting to be very intimate and captivating.

Flowers: Choose flowers that reflect the inner beauty of your garden. Close you eyes and Imagine seeing rows and rows of beautiful flowers. I chose roses,wild flowers, and greenery.

Glass wear: Decorative glass tableware can really set off a garden party by sparkling in the sunshine or at night. I chose to go with wine glasses that presented a charming and relaxed environment.

Signature Item: Determine the 1 standout item that your guest will forever remember. My signature item is the beautiful roses! 🌹

I’ve received so many compliments on the way that they were used as a centerpiece.

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