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I want to go shopping!

Screaming Happy Saturday from the top of my lungs! This was a busy week and I’m so happy it’s Saturday that I can’t wait to get out and hit the streets. Plus a little early shopping ain’t never hurt nobody and the way that FedEx and UPS has been backlogged and slow with deliveries. I recommend that you shop a little bit earlier so you will get your delivery on time.

First stop was at Nordstrom’s. Had to restock on a few clothing items for the fall. Yes, you can better your bottom Good American jeans and NAKED Wardrobe NW are in those bags.

Second stop was at Modani Furniture in Buckhead Atlanta Georgia. I always pass by this furniture store but today it was on my checklist to visit. As soon as I walked in the doors I took the elevator upstairs and was greeted with beautiful modern contemporary furniture that is definitely Miami inspired. The furniture store has a line that is also very flashy and I can see how it fits perfectly with the Atlanta lifestyle. I found some teal velvet pillows for my bedroom which I just ❤️

Third stop was at ZGALLERIE Furniture store at Peremeter and Ballards Design on upper west Midtown. Ballards Designs had great European inspirations but I ended up finding just what I needed at ZGALLERIE.

Modani Furniture


My Dining Room Table with chargers from ZGALLERIE

Ballards Design Showroom

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