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In Celebration of Black Hx Month

After wrapping up a productive Friday on the J.O.B, I was so delighted to start sharing some fabulous sites to visit in Metro Atlanta in honor of Black History Month.

My first stop was in the vibrant neighborhood of Summerhill in Atlanta,GA. For those that don’t know,Summerhill was home to a thriving Black and Jewish community after the Civil War and well into the early part of the 20th century.

On my drive home from work I always pass by this amazing Hank Aaron muriel in Summerhill that makes me feel so proud. The legend Hank Aaron has been best known for hitting more home runs than any other baseball player in history. However, the baseball icon also spoke out against pervasive racism in major league baseball and broke racial barriers throughout his career. Despite hate mail, death threats against him and a plan to kidnap one of his daughters, Aaron broke Babe Ruth's homerun record on April 8, 1974 when he hit his 715th homerun. At the end of his career, "Hammerin' Hank" Aaron had a total of 755 homeruns. Aaron set twelve other major league records by his retirement from the playing field in 1976 and won three Gold Glove Awards. He became one of the first blacks in Major League Baseball upper-level management when Braves owner Ted Turner appointed him vice president of player development. As I look at the beautiful muriel I’m reminded about how Mr Aaron did the most incredible thing in baseball as he faced racism on and off the baseball field. There is still so much work to be done.

My second stop of the day took me out 30 min outside of The City of Atlanta to Fayetteville, GA to Nourish + Bloom Market, first Black-owned,autonomous grocery. From the moment I entered I felt like I was in the future. The store uses robots and a scan card system that allows you to go straight in and pick items and just walk out and your payment is deducted as you exit. You download,scan,shop, walk out, and receive a E-receipt. It was the most streamlined and contactless shopping experience that I have ever had. Y’all know that I didn’t exit without ordering from the bistro where I ordered a Grilled Salmon Sandwich on Ciabatta bread and a Caribbean inspired lime drink. I am so inspired!

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