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It’s a HomeOffice Makeover!

My HomeOffice Makeover is almost complete. All of the items used was from stuff I already had. Sometimes it’s just a matter of making updates like changing knobs or changing the color.

Just a couple more things to add that have yet to be delivered like my marble wall calendar and my custom shelf’s. I’m definitely all about adding a little glam here and there while keeping things functional. Less is definitely more!

The look I was going for was modern and polished. I stayed true to the space by adding copper and mix textiles that added a bullish look. This was also the case for my office accessories like my stapler.

The bargain of the day was I found some black and white butterfly storage bins for a fraction of the cost. I will use these in my shelf that I have.

Butterflies 🦋 symbolize transformation and thats what I really wanted to do with this space.

Hopefully, I’ve inspired you to redecorate your WFH office space that you ❤

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