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It's Boot Season!

We all know that New Yorker's are well known for their Timberland boots AKA "Timbs" that started back in the 80's. The Timberland boots history and popularity came from drug dealers needing comfortable shoes to stand on the corner. Around the same time the Timberland brand started to gain major attention from the hip hop generation. It was the urban marked that put this brand on the map. Nevertheless,The Timberland brand wasn't thrilled with their urban popularity so they tried to distance themselves and so they stopped selling the shoe anywhere near New York. This didn't stop the drug dealers and urbanites from getting their hands on the shoe. We got a saying in Atlanta, if we got legs then you know we are going to go get it! That's exactly what happened, drug dealers traveled to New England to get a pair!

In New York everyday is Timbs day and most New Yorkers can rock their Timbs in the cold or on a hot day. That's just the way it is! When I found out I was headed to New York, I knew I had to get some boots that were both stylish and could carry me from day to night,uptown to downtown,and everywhere in between. I also made sure that I had several different pairs and made sure that one pair was weatherproof. Can't stop this girl from moving!

Make sure you check out my boots. I am definitely on the trendy side and likes a girl that likes my brand pieces that not everyone has but wants!

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