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It’s Christmas Day in Atlanta! 🎄⛪️✨

Growing up Christmas was always a special holiday were we celebrated the birth of JESUS and had a spirit of giving in operation.Eggnog drinks were a must and the smell of a fresh Douglas tree that my mom had Flocked lingered all throughout the house. Also, it wasn’t unusual to find a candy cane or two stashed somewhere.Our home had garland,Christmas decor, and colorful bulbs draped everywhere. The best part about this holiday was that you never knew who would stop by unannounced and we always seemed to have a extra gift under the tree somewhere.

Today, I implemented some of the same Christmas traditions like waking up early and opening up 🎁, going to Waffle House for breakfast, and spending some time with my loved ones at the movies. WW84 was released on today and when I was a child I was the ultimate Wonder Woman fan. 👸🏾

Although, Christmas is different this year my wish is for you to have peace and joy this holiday season and never stop believing in hope because miracles happen everyday!

Christmas Morning

Lemon Cypress Tree! Take a look at this Grinch tree adorable-ness.

Merry Christmas to all and a bright yellow sign.

Christmas Day at the movies

💚 my presents

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