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Making the best of Thanksgiving 2020!

It's finally Thanksgiving here in Atlanta!

I am so grateful for my family, good health, paying off bills, and continuing to execute my goals. I'm also so grateful for my job that has allowed me to be able to use this Pandemic to reposition and setup myself for what's Next in my career. You see COVID-19 has open up the door for me to figure out if I want to chase viruses or dive deeper into medicine. God has truly been ordering my steps in this season.

In thinking about November 2020 this is definitely not the traditional Thanksgiving that I'm use to where I play host and have family and friends over and we stay in and play games till midnight.This Thanksgiving my son is in NY working and will not be coming home so this is different. Thank goodness for Face time!

Last year I was prepared when my son decided to spend Thanksgiving with his Dad and Grandparents in New Orleans,LA. I really miss the fact that there will be nobody here to bug me about making my famous Mac N Cheese and working with my sister in the kitchen chopping up sweet potatoes for our Candied Yams.

This year we had Thanksgiving dinner at STK Steakhouse on Peachtree who is well-known for their delicious Steaks,Seafood, and Drinks. My cocktail was named Shake Your Honey-Maker which was a blend of barcardi 4 rum,fresh lime,pineapple juice,honey & vanilla bean simple syrup. For dinner I ordered the Lobster Linguini,Pumpkin Pie, and Sweet Tea, which was all delicious. After Dinner we headed over to Bowlero Bowling but they had shut down the entire facility for a last minute private party so we walked around Atlantic Station to take in the Christmas sights.

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