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Mayor Andre Dickens “After The Mask Ball”

It was a takeover for downtown ATL as I attended Mayor Andre Dickens " After The Mask Ball " sponsored by Amazon on Dec 17,2022! This Ball helped support the city's Youth Scholarship Program. The event was hosted at the Georgia Freight Depot and it started at 9:00 pm - 1:30 am following the UNCF Mayor's Masked Ball.

Upon arrival there was huge LED lighting that put a spotlight on "After The Mask Ball" in white on the exterior of the facility. You could see all of the flashing signage as you drove up the street As, I approached the entrance there were registration tents everywhere that helped checked us in and attached wristbands on each guest wrist. Security was tight and you could feel the strong presence of Atlanta police on the scene. I felt very safe!

The attendees, the dj's and celebs helped elevate the fun vibe. One room was a cool Jazz /Spoken Word room with The Soul Cartel Band and the other room had live celebrity dj's in what looked like a cool lounge room. There were VIPS rooms roped off everywhere,Indoors and out. Too many celebrity's to name as the Mayor has a great network of supporters and friends from both sides of the aisle to all walks of life.

Overall, It was definitely a party with a purpose and the fundraising efforts went through the roof with meeting their goals. I look forward to attending next years ball and kicking off "The Year of the Youth" in 2023!

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