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My first time trying Ethiopian cuisine!

I’ve been waiting on this resteraunt to open up and finally it was open. 😃 I didn’t know what to expect but as I walked in the 🚪 the restaurant had a welcoming vibe that was chill and relaxed, the decor was very modern and city like there were a variety of people eating and enjoying engaging conversations and the music that was playing in the background ranged from CKAY to WhizKid.

Desta Ethiopian Kitchen has 3 locations in Atlanta. One in Westside Villages,Briarcliff, and Emory Point. I was visiting the Westside location where there are a lot of new and upcoming retail.

Now to the best part The Food! Surprisingly there were a lot of things that seemed familiar to me like chicken,salmon, beef, and vegetables. For the items that I was not familiar with on the menu there were little education and history nuggets that explained when Ethiopians started creating pasta and etc. There was also a Desta dictionary that explained terms on the menu. I appreciated this ! For other items I just asked the waiter who was very knowledgeable. I had the Pasta Salmon Sauteed with shiro and tomato based sauce With pita bread.My meal was full of flavor and good! Next time I will try the chicken and potatoe stew.

Overall, this experience definitely changed my mind about Ethiopian food and I will definitely stop by the next time I am out getting my nails done next door.

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