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My Next COVID-19 Assignment: Taking on Long Island,NY

So have you ever felt like you knew where you were going next?Well I did! I had this big gut feeling that my next assignment was going to be somewhere out East. Boy,was I right! You see New York and I have this great relationship that started over 8 years ago when I had the awesome opportunity of working at the profound Mt.Sinai as I helped train their physicians and nurses on CPOE and implement their Epic EHR system. Today I’m looking forward to helping New York healthcare workers Defeat COVID.

With the spike in new COVID-19 cases in New York mixed in with the regular Flu Season. This is the critical moment that what we do will determine if COVID will continue on past winter. As the rest of the country deals with COVID-19 New York has been in a unique position under the leadership of Governor Cuomo who has been involved early on in identifying, implementing new COVID-19 restrictions and mandating masks.

One thing that I observed when I first got to Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Airport prior to boarding was that I was asked to download a App that the state of New York wants all out of state passengers that are flying to New York to answer questions pertaining to COVID-19 and either quartine for 14 days or take a COVID test on your 4th day while you are in New York. New York is definitely tightening up their COVID related rules.

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