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My take on the movie NOPE

My intentions this weekend was to get out of the house and enjoy the City! I got a busy next week coming up that’s going to require my full attn 🧠

Make sure you come back for more content My first concert of the year is on Sunday can’t wait to post and share about who I went to go see. 💃🏾

On yesterday my Saturday went kinda like this my sister and I went to the Silverspot Cinema at The Battery in Cobb County to see what was all the hype about the movie NOPE and to check out the theatre with the circle bar.

I should have calculated that their was a large chance that the Atlanta Braves may be having a game at the same time and sure enough it was game day!

The Silverspot Cinema offers state-of-the-art sound system, craft beers, signature cocktails, and the chef-crafted menu inspired by local cuisine … this place is designed to be a high end, enhanced movie theater experience. 

The movie NOPE I was expecting it to be much better. Especially one we found out what the freaking alien thing was that kept attacking ! I won’t spoil the movie you’ll have to take your chances and decide if it’s worth going to see.

Overall, I just have one recommendation if your going to the Silverspot Cinema and that’s plan to arrive early parking is a mess and take into account that ATL Brave game & fans might be out in full affect.

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