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I can't believe the day was finally here to have brunch at TOAST ON LENOX restaurant . If you are trying to get in at this restaurant on the weekends your rsvp has to be me made months in advance. It took us about 2 months in advance.

Overall, the atmosphere was great and it was at full capacity but not where you were bumping into people as you pulled out or chair. The music was popping and nothing ratchet about this establishment. The decor was very modern and the outdoor patio is known for having a plush green wall for great photo pops. I ordered a Bellini for my drink but got a mimosa, glad the manager apologized for the mixup and offered to fix it. I got the feeling that they really take their customer feedback seriously. For my main dish I had Blackened Salmon and Shrimp with candied yams on top. The flavors of the yams and salmon was a delicious mix. Overall, I definitely would go back and it definitely deserves a toast🥂

After brunch at TOAST made a quick stop at The Buckhead Village District to visit Atlanta Christkindl Market. This event runs from Friday,November 25th-Saturday, December 24th,2022 Admission was free and you have to pay for parking unless the universe decided to intervene and bless you with a great parking space and such was this case. This market gives a traditional German market shopping and eating and drinking experience.

I stopped by one booth named, Jodi Melissa that specializes in luxury resort wear and I found a cute little Tote Bag that was made out of excellent quality that had a cute little entrepreneur message, Little Miss Entrepreneur.

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