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My Wine Bottles are Doing the Most this Holiday

Last week I got so many compliments on my Bar Cart and a lot of yall wanted to know where I got the rhinestone accessory that look like a diamond necklace around the bottle neck of the Rośe wine bottle. I actually purchased it like that from Fresh Market wine collection but low and behold while I was out shopping today I ran into a bunch of wine bottle accessories at Frontgate at Phipps Plaza that were so beautiful. There were fur wine bags and full length cacsade of rhinestones. These bottles commanded the rooms attention.The one I purchased in the picture is called the Wine Bottle Sin Crystal Shaw. The retail price was $49.00 but they were having a sale and I was able to get it for a cheaper price. Take a look at Frontgate’s beautiful Christmas decor and let me know if you like the Crystal Shaw I purchased.

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