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As I sit here typing on New Year's Eve watching the Orange Bowl Game where GA vs Michigan. 2021 has taught me so much. I have learned that everything is solvable! Your words have the power to create! Never take anyone for granted and cherish your loved ones while they are here. 2021 has been filled with good times and bad, but they were all necessary moments that were used to teach me about life and to understand what is really important.

In 2022, I'm looking FWD to doing things that make me happy and learning more about myself. I want to laugh a little more, love a little more, and be present even more.I want to face my fears! I'm so excited about the path that I'm on and it feels really good!

For those that don't know but my birthday is right around the corner on January 16 and its officially goat season. I'm so excited! As the New Year starts let's not just depend on the countdown and calendar to notice that there's a change but let's make some internal changes within. A New Year calls for New Plans! Wishing you all Peace, Blessings, Health + Wealth for the New Year!

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