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PrettyLittleTacos Be Calling!

Hey y’all! Rooftop Shunda been tied up with so much work stuff ( yeah this lifestyle that I live cost💰) that I forgot to post about my experience at Pretty Little Tacos! Pretty Little Tacos is a Mexican-Creole street taco establishment that has several different locations I visited the one in Midtown,Atlanta on Politan Row in Colony Square.

Parking was easy due to it being shared with The Starling Atlanta Midtown, Hotel ( which deserves its own post). As I walked in there was a huge bar front and center and Muni Long song “His & Hers “ was playing in the background and so it was a great Saturday Vibe in The City. There‘s all different resteraunts available and I picked up some CoCo bread and drinks from this Jamaican eatery and the entire local reminds you of a upscale food hall In the city. Plus the IPIC Theater is there to which is a premier luxury restaurant-and-movie theater brand including 7 restaurants and 14 theaters. So there is plenty to do!

There is also great green space area perfect for date night and other resteraunts in the vicinity and you can literally walk to everything! Back to Pretty Little Tacos and the food so apparently these little 🌮 🌮🌮are in high demand because the wait time was longer than expected. When my order was finally ready the taste of the steak tacos was well worth the wait on that day. Theres a good little soup sauce that compliments the tacos well and I got some sort of Mango drank. Next time I will call in ahead of time to place my order or hit the bar and have a 🍸.

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