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Short Trip to D.C.

On my way home from Long Island,NY I made a 1 day stop in Washington,D.C. It wasn’t a planned trip at all but sometimes you just got to go and canvas the land. This was not my first trip to our Nations Capital, I had visited back in March of 2012 when the Cherry Blossoms had just started to bloom on The White House Lawn.

My choice of stay was at THE VEN EMBASSY ROW. This hotel is located in historic Dupont Circle. Modern amenities abound along with a beautiful vibrant art gallery. The rooftop and stylish meeting space is what draws both tourist and diplomats on a daily basis.

Two steps out the door and the best of the city is at your doorsteps. From the vibrant coffee houses to the view of the stately mansions. The scene is uniquely urban with a mix of Washingtonian architecture that surrounds you. Check out some of the photos that I snapped while touring the area.

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