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Silver Comet Trail Adventures

So this is how my Sunday went. I heard a knock at my door early and the voice said mom you want to go workout! I was like okay, lets do it later but what are we going to eat? A voice yelled out Subway! So Subway it was!

Arrived at Cobb County Silver Comet Trail and the goal was to do 10 miles Of running with my son the Student Athlete. The weather was perfect out 🌞and it felt like a real cool April day. My son had on a 180lb weighted vest. He is always doing the most. LOL. I on the other didn’t lack not one bit. I kept my pace and it was just good to get out and breath in fresh air. There were a lot of runners and cyclist out. I think I want a 🚴🏾‍♀️ next and one of those cute cyclist outfits!

Check Out my pictures from yesterday’s run.

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