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Sugar Polish Nail Bar at Upper West Midtown, Atlanta

Upon returning back home to Atlanta, GA after being on COVID-19 assignment for the past 3 weeks . I make it a priority for my mind, body, soul to destress and have a Self Care day. One place that makes me feel rejuvenated is the Sugar Polish Nail Bar, which offers a array of luxe products and services. At my last visit, I tried a Collagen Lemon Splash Pedicure which was a 5 step process. Step 1 – Collagen Crystals, Step 2 – Collagen Sugar Cane Scrub, Step 3 – Collagen Cream Mask, Step 4 – Collagen Muscle-Relaxing Gel, Step 5 – Collagen Massage Lotion, and as a Bonus- Collagen Serum Lotion was given to me as gift. Also, this Nail Bar always has the latest nail art. Check out the Chanel glam on my toes. I just love it!

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