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Sunday at the IPIC

Took the Family out to see Bullett Train at IPIC Movie theatre. IPIC Atlanta is a nine-screen, 426-seat luxury theater now open at the reimagined Colony Square.

The theatre was quiet impressive and reminded me of a upscale hotel. The decor was definitely Midtown. The place was packed but not too packed. This place is for the movers and out of town shakers. There was plenty of bistros that surround Colony Square.

I ordered a PASSION COLADA MOJITO craft 🍹drank with mint, exotic citrus, agave nectar, tropical fruit with a pepperoni pizza. The service was excellent and I didn’t have to wait a long time for my food to be delivered.

The movie was action packed and had some great actors like Brad Pitt, the artist Bad Bunny and etc…

Definitely will be back !

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