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Sunday’s Stretch Session

Have you ever felt like you needed your neck to be pulled in one direction and your legs to pulled in another. Well that’s been me all weeklong.I’ve been feeling so stiff like I needed someone or anybody to lay hands on me and pull me apart.🦵

So today I has my first appointment at Kika Stretch Studio. For those that don’t know Kika Stretch Session consist of a 60 - minute -one-on-one gentle assisted stretching session, with a highly trained Kika Stretch therapist that will help you personalize your experience providing more energy and relief than you ever felt.

I enjoyed my session which was in a private room and my therapist was very knowledgeable. It turns out that I was not as flexible as I thought and I collud feel tightness in my wrist and legs when I bent backwards and forwards. I think I’m going to make a 90 minute appo next time to work out the tension in my lower back.

After my session I felt renewed and relieved this was definitely a great way to kick start my Self Care Sunday.

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