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Take me to the North!

Headed up 400 to the Avalon in Alpharetta,GA to do some quick shoppping and eating. Made a quick Stop at Rumi's Kitchen for dinner . Rumi's known for their Persian cuisine all over the world. No rsvp needed and I ordered chicken kabob citrus & saffron brines chicken breast,saffron basmati rice with grilled ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ… and zucchini. The food was pretty good and the waitress did a great job explaining the side ingredients of Shirin.

At Cafe Intermezzo Avalon a European Coffeehouse known for combing food and drinks in a hurry. This was my first time at this location which was a lot smaller than midtown's but they had good peopl traffic coming in. I ordered a cup of ๐Ÿต and a slice of lemon cake. Our waiter took a good minute to bring out the dessert . If you are looking for a good meetup spot to take a friend then definitely head on over.

Rumi's Kitchen at the Avalon

Cafe Intermezzo at Avalon

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