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Taking care of me @ Restore

Today, I decided to boost my dehydration with a IV Drip from Restore Hyper Wellness + Cryotherapy in Upper West Midtown.

When I first walked in I was taken to my nurse and then had a virtual consultation with a nurse practitioner to go over my Heath history.

My IV Drip was a combo of B-12(Methylcobalamin) which boost energy , regulates mood + helps with oxygen re-uptake. I also received Vitamin C , which boosts my immune system , collagen production, wound healing + iron absorption.

Overall my experience was great👍🏾 and I look forward to my next visit to take a Micronutrient test which will give me an assessment of the vitamins, amino acids, minerals , and fatty acid found in my body. The actual test measures the function of 53 nutritional components.

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