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Tis the season to celebrate

Happy Sunday!

Just wanted to share two must have items for the Holidays that I will be enjoying.

The first one will allow me to entertain in style. I’m talking about The Bart Cart. This will make all of my Holliday get togethers even more special. Whether you want to display your favorite drink or introduce a new wine. Bar Carts are definitely in this season.I’ve been searching all over for the perfect one and finally found one at World Market that I’m more than happy with. It was easy to assemble but got to remember to put the handle before you completely screw it on. Bart Carts can range in price from $150 to $1000 depending on which store you decide to purchase from.

The 2nd must have this holiday season is a board game. I have so many memories as a child enjoying the holidays and playing board games with my family. Even as a n adult whenever I introduce Board games it’s 10x the fun. I can’t wait to play Atlanta-Opoly which is Atlanta’s version of Monopoly which increases rent and allows you to buy property on Peachtree Street. I can’t wait till my son comes home for the holidays so we can play.

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