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Valentines Day 2023

I was so busy the week of February 14th that I forgot to share what VDAY looked like over here.

My sister put her talented hands and got to work on a Valentine Day charcuterie board. My sister used cranberry cheese and preserves and dried pineapples and Parmesan n garlic crackers that were pretty good! For those that don't know how popular charcuterie boards have become. Fruit and meat trays are out and charcuterie boards are in. Check out the pict below for our heart shaped one by Paris Hilton. I also received the most beautiful rainbow of roses, and to top it off tickets to Beyoncé upcoming Renaissance Concert.

This year message for Valentines Day was about offering yourself the best gift and that's Self Love! Be good to yourself so others know to be good to you too!❤️

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